we all read at least one of those numbered and conditioned lists, like “25 things you need to do before you turn 25”, didn’t we? the other day i was taking a long shower (luxury when you are a mom of a toddler!) and thinking about all the things i am happy i managed to do BEFORE i had my baby. so here is my 5 points bucket list of must-do-before-you-become-a-mommy:

1. lazar hair removal. hey, don’t laugh! as primitive as it sounds, it’s one permanent beauty procedure that was worth investing all the time and money. when you become a mom your me-time and even shower-time is limited. forget about waxing – believe me, it will be the last thing on your mind. you will be relieved you don’t need to spend extra 10minutes on shaving while in the shower.

2. partyyyyy. do it all. be wild, be free, stay up until sunrise and beyond. there is time for everything in life, and parties is one thing you need to enjoy to the max in your pre-baby life. because after having a baby you will start having sunrise parties of a very different kind. (in fact, i am typing this during a beautiful sunrise in NY while my one year old is watching BabyEinstein)

3. six-pack. and here i don’t mean beer. yes, i am talking about working out your abs & core as much as you can – because you will need these muscles to hold your pregnant belly tight (and save you some back pain), to push your baby during labor and to recover quickly after. it’s never too late to start working out, but the earlier you do it the better. i was a working-out-maniac in my teen years, so getting back to shape after labor only took me about a month. you can do it too!

4. extreme sports. try at least one. i did snowboarding, parachute jumping, kite surfing, surfing, and dating in NY (kidding about the last one) to enjoyextreme sports you need to be carefree and fearless. alas, these words don’t exist in a mommy’s vocabulary. every time i get to do something even a little risky i stop myself right there: if something happens to me who will take care of my son? yes, motherhood is when life is no longer about you. even your own well-being is not about your own well-being – it’s about a very special little human you are forever responsible for.

5. sleeping till late. and don’t EVER feel guilty about it. i am grateful i could enjoy unrestricted quiet lazy sleeping as much as i did in my 20s. i even quit my office job and became a freelancer so that i could enjoy waking up without alarm & late mornings in bed. there is not such a thing after you have a baby. and, no, it doesn’t get better after first sleepless year – it’s just you get different reasons to wake up early every day.


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